Carlos Zapata

*Co-Owner of MZ Tactical

Carlos has trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 1996, earning his black belt in 2008 and has run his own academy since 2007. He is also a black belt instructor in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.

Nathan Mendes

*Co-owner of MZ Tactical

Nathan is certified through the California Commission on Peace officer standards and training (post) and the federal law enforcement training center (FLETC) to teach firearms, defensive tactics, impact weapons, and chemical agents. He also is Gracie Survival Tactics (Level 1 & 2) Instructor and co-founder of the Law Enforcement Combatives Course.



Alberto Pena

β€œAl” has more than twenty years of federal/state law enforcement and military leadership experience. Mr. Pena is certified through the Oregon Department of Public Safety and Standards (DPSST) and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center to teach firearms, defensive tactics, taser, impact weapons, and chemical agents. He also provides consulting services at an operational and strategic level.


Sabrina Thomas

Sabrina is a CCW instructor, glock certified armorer, second amendment institute ambassador, and an NRA certified pistol instructor.