Training Overview

We offer a variety of training, including but not limited to Ground Fighting (Beginner - Advanced), Close Quarters, Weapons in the Fight, Concealed Carry, Combat Pistol Course, Mission/Ops Planning courses, etc.


Advanced Ground Fighting

The course addresses ground fighting concepts such as takedowns, takedown defenses, throws, etc. It expands on the basics of GFF.


Mission/Operation Planning Course

Addresses concepts necessary to accomplish a set mission and provides a framework for effective and efficient operational planning.

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Ground Fighting Fundamentals (GFF)

We cover basic positions of ground fighting; including escapes, reversals, submissions, and handcuffing.


Combat Pistol

The combat pistol course familiarizes you with the concepts of a gunfight, ranging from teaching a combat mindset to the practical applications.


Close Quarters Fighting

The class covers basics to fighting in confined spaces; including small rooms, vehicles, jail cells, and interview rooms.


Self Defense

These courses cover distance management, pre-assault indicators, disarming, and improvised weapons.

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Weapons in the Fight (WF)

This course gives a introductory overview to defense against weapons; including improvised weapons, weapon retention and take-aways.